Our company

Our goal is to protect the environment.
No more rubbish in streams

EcoBloumas is a bin rental and waste management company based in Thessaloniki. Starting from 1983 as a recycling company, we focused for the first time in 1987 to the rental of bins for waste collection. In 2014, with continuous renewals of the equipment and the fleet, we moved to its current company form as a sole proprietorship (EUID ELGEMI.159865406000). Our main object is dumpster rental for the collection of waste, rubbish and recyclable materials.

We have all kinds of dumpsters, aiming to provide the best service by adapting the equipment so that we can meet the needs of each space. We have a proprietary fleet of vehicles for every type of project we undertake from the public or private sector. Also, the rental of dumpsters and containers and the management of waste are necessary in any kind of industrial and commercial activity.

Collection & Transfer

Our company is registered in the H.MA with no. 9086 for the collection and transportation of waste legally. Our experienced and trained staff undertakes the installation of the appropriate equipment at your site, for the collection of waste, construction and recyclable materials. EcoBloumas undertakes the placement of the dumpsters in the space you will indicate to us as well as the collection and removal of waste and trash. The collection and replacement of the dumpsters takes place immediately, after consultation with our head office.


The process for dumpster rental is simple. By making a simple phone call, we can conveniently schedule our appointment at a location of your preference.
You can keep the dumpster up to ten days, after which it should be replaced.
We have a large fleet of vehicles to cover you, in every region of Thessaloniki,, Halkidiki and Pieria.If placing of the dumpster is difficult, because the place is narrow and inaccessible, we have small trucks that, with an appointment, once you have placed the rubble in bags, can be loaded on site and removed from the place.

Our trucks

18 tons gross weight, for long distances and large loads up to 10 tons, or 20 m³ dumpster.

14 tons gross weight, smaller in dimensions for smaller roads. Up to 6 tons payload, or 12 m³ dumpster.

18 tons gross weight, smaller dimensions for short roads and long distances. Up to 9 tons payload, or 15 m³ dumpster.

12.5 tons gross weight, 22 m³ cart for on-site loading. Up to 6.5 tonnes payload.

6.5 tons gross, for on-site loading, ideal for small roads, up to 120 bags of rubble. Up to 3.5 tons payload, 8 m³ carriage.

2.5 tons gross weight, 1 ton payload. 3 m³ cart. Ideal for small projects.

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